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ugh... [15 Feb 2007|01:46am]
it's past gay day, yet they still have the pink heart theme up! *gag*
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keeps me from my hurt... [10 Nov 2006|02:02am]
i live on the puyallup river. literally, it IS my back-yard. and a few days ago it became my front yard too... um, yeah, so luckily i'm on the third floor, but the people on the first floor, well, i'm sure you can imagine...

in happier news: i got a puppy! she's a 9 week old shih tzu, weighs 2 lbs, and is SO freakin' cute. i named her pennelope, and it fits her perfectly. :)
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dur... [06 Nov 2006|01:38am]
i made up a new song. it goes as follows:

i have no life
i have no life
oh, and by the way...
i have no life

this one has "grammy" written all over it.

the good news: i guess it's better to be bored, and lonely than self-centered and anti-social like i sometimes tend to be...

or not. maybe i should fall back into mentally illville... something by which to consume time.

it's been awhile.
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blah blah blah... [01 Nov 2006|07:44pm]
i wish i had something interesting to post, but i really don't. i've become super boring in my old age.

e.g. - i'm going to go pay my rent right now, then head to fred meyer for groceries. the rest of my day was spent working on homework, and um... yeah, nuff said.
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forget boys... [18 Oct 2006|06:12pm]
i need a puppy!
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wow... [10 Oct 2006|01:46am]
life is freakin' WEIRD!!!!!

profound, eh?
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slow? [06 Oct 2006|03:25am]
wow... this new livejournal format is kind of different (and not necessarily in a good way). anyhow, i'm back on myspace, so add me if you want! :)

Click Me!

and grrr... every time i watch "the office" i get super dizzified. :(
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sooo... [09 Jun 2006|02:10am]
yeah. writing public entries is going to take some getting used to, as for the past several months, i've been writing privately.

so here goes...

moving: it's going to be happening soooooon. bye bye ghetto!

parents: mmmm, let's just say that things between the three of us couldn't get much better. why? because we no longer share the same living space. and i grew a brain.

sister: had a kid, and chilled out completely! i thought that having a baby would wind her up even more. i was wrong. along side my parents, she's become one of my best friends. not to mention, i LOVE LOVE LOVE my niece!!!


um, paul and i broke up in november. he still hates me, and i can't say i blame him.

stephen completed his two year mission, and now we are just as good of friends as ever, if not better, because we finally share the understanding that neither of us is going to budge on beliefs pertaining to faith. so now i'm basically his 1-800 "what do i do about this that or the other girl" hotline. it's been fun, and i'm glad to still have him as a good friend.

my good buddy logan moved to freakin' california, which kind of pisses me off, but i understand that he had to do what's best for him. hell, if i had the resources to move out of state, and weren't as attached at the hip to my family as i currently am, i'd probably leave as well.

new relationship in the works: kind of an odd situation, but it's going well (aka: couldn't get much better). and i think i'll leave it at that for now.
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sick of myspace... [07 Jun 2006|01:54am]
i refuse to ever really "blog" unless it's a dumb quiz, or something equally as lame...

i think i'm gonna follow lea's lead and start using this stinkin' thing again (beyond just checking my friends' page).

i'd really like to start clean slate with a new lj, because reading past entries makes me wonder what planet i was on. but really, there is no denying the past. no matter how much i've changed, i still wrote about lame crap, and that's just the way it goes. not to mention starting a new one would be a pain in the crap. no???

that said, today was good. and we'll leave it at that.
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shatty awakening [17 Nov 2005|01:21am]
i haven't seen you in two and a half weeks

and my life hasn't been this relaxed peaceful and calm since

i can't remember

frankly this makes me slightly scared and hesitant to see you again

i still love you

but i don't love your "overly opinionated argumentative overreactive temperamental" nature

and though the solution would seem clear cut...
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heh... [16 Nov 2005|01:34am]
i was being facetious...

life is good.
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Church lessons... [14 Nov 2005|01:36pm]
I must have offended God straight out the chute, cause I’ve been feeling his wrath since day one.
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yeah, contacts are AWESOME... [25 Oct 2005|07:53pm]
minus the part about PUTTING THEM IN, and TAKING THEM OUT!!!
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it never fails... [22 Oct 2005|11:25pm]
[ mood | numb ]

this time of year ALWAYS sucks for me...

*throws pitty party for self*

but seriously, i'm beginning to think that i belong back at rader... which totally freaks me out. not like i could afford it anyway.

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Weeeeeeeeeeh... [20 Oct 2005|08:05pm]
I had coffee today!!! Weeeeeeeeeeeh... :)
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yeah, so... [10 Sep 2005|11:41pm]
i went to jiffy lube today, and let me tell you, there was nothing jiffy about it. is that why they gave me a "free carwash" coupon... an expired one, at that? oh well.

unfortunately, things like this are the very least of my worries at this point...

i feel like a dead leaf flailing in the autumn wind. it sucks.
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if only i were stronger... [07 Sep 2005|05:14pm]
from the looks of it, you'd think i like to torture myself on purpose...
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all or nothing, i guess... [02 Sep 2005|01:36pm]
so... this week has been rather eventful, in a mostly positive way. :)

funny how i failed to notice or care, until now, that the Alkaline trio 2nd vocalist guy has a MAJOR lisp. otherwise, my speakers are just getting worse...

gripe of the day: don't you just hate it when you write out a big long text message, just to have it deleted, cause you shut your phone just before the message has been completely sent? it's like losing a whole e-mail, only not really. maybe i should start actually "calling" people more often. meh.
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running? greenlake? anyone??? [01 Sep 2005|05:11pm]
i want to start running around greenlake every other night (after dark). problem is i can't go alone (safety) and all of my friends seem to be just as lazy as i when it comes to actually sticking to such endeavors. therefore, if you need motivation/accountability, and would like to provide for me the same (as well as safety in numbers), that would be wonderful!

ps... if you ride a bike WITHOUT A MOTOR... you are not a car, do not ride in the road! please. thanks.
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[30 Aug 2005|03:56pm]
i want to move out of the ghetto and into ballard, or magnolia. :(
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